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Please repost, friends! Modern Kin’s record comes out 10/22.

Produced by Janet Weiss
Mixed by Dave Fridmann
Engineered by Bryce Gonzales


I can stand after a year and fall after a day
If a man calls me a coward, boy, I’ll kick his teeth in in my mind

I’m soaked in mud my vision’s dim
I can’t get clean I can’t dry out
If worry was a ladder I’d be home safe with you

I have drunk out in the noise and smoked in quiet rooms
Is the ringing in my ears the ever present voice of love
Get out of my head old man, I’ve growl enough on my own
Our desperation isn’t beautiful but here it is so let’s say it is

Click-clack my pet there is another way
as she does the dishes
These interstitial moments between building home and building bridge


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